Photos & Videos

'Sons of the Brave'
by Thomas Bidgood
Autumn Charity Concert at St Mary's Church Nantwich 2017

'Folk Song Suite' 1st movement 'Seventeen Come Sunday' 
by Vaughan Williams
Midsummer Concert in Nantwich Civic Hall 2016

'Barnard Castle' by Goff Richards at the Civic Hall Nantwich 2016

Nantwich Concert Band

Nantwich Square

'Beauty and the Beast' performed in Nantwich Square 2016

We play, come rain or shine!
Nantwich Food Festival 2015

Autumn Charity Concert
St Mary's Church
Nantwich 2016
with a debut performance by young members of the Wind Band

Mozart's 'Queen of the Night' Aria - soloist Buffy Robinson
Money raised from the concert went to Cancer Research

Buxton Bandstand 2015

'Instant Concert' by Harold Walters

Vivaldi's 'Winter Largo' Flute solo - Buffy Robinson

Worleston Fete 2015

Chester Bandstand 2015


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